CANOA AVENTURA is a tour operator who cares about the impact caused by tours, activities and services offered. We recognize our responsibility to operate in a manner that represents a positive contribution to the natural, cultural and social environment. We also recognize our responsibility to operate so that the environmental impact is reduced, benefit local communities , the livelihood of the people is safeguarded and protection of natural resources to ensure future populations .

We do sustainable tourism

Tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impact to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities.

  1. Making optimal use of environmental resources , maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biodiversity.
  2. Respecting the socio-cultural authenticity of communities , preserving cultural assets , architectural , traditional values, and contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance.
  3. Ensuring a viable long-term economic activity , with well distributed socio- economic benefits. Stable employment opportunities and income generation and social services to host communities , contributing to poverty reduction.



Sustainable Tourism Certificate


We reduce gas emissions by turning of our vehicles when not needed.

The company avoids gas emissions and damage caused to the environment by pollution or other chemicals.

Earth is our home we invest to protect it!

The company carries out management actions and conservation of nature. Always protecting it.

We do waste segregation!

The company handles waste produced so as not to create a negative impact on the environment .

We recycle as much as we can!

The company uses natural , biodegradable products and recycle those that can be reused .

We save electricity as much as possible!

The company has a program for saving electricity in all premises owned .

We protect and encorage people to protect the enviroment.

The company is inviting you to experience the natural wealth of our country and urges care for and protect .

We comply we all security and sustainability standards.

The company complies with standards, specifically those relating to the environment, archaeological heritage and security.

We hire and train local people!

The company employs and trains community residents where it operates. Knowledgeable about the area and nature.

We promote Costarican typical food and local customs.

The company promotes the traditions and customs of the country , consumption of typical food and national handicrafts .


We are carbon neutral

We operate responsibly , protecting our resources and fighting against climate change
Total emissions (MTCO2e) 148
Total removals -260
Total carbon footprint -111

Ecological Blue Flag

We are part of the village committee of Blue Flag , with Our Community Model , Fortuna!

We protect children

Zero tolerance of sexual exploitation of children Protect our children and adolescents is everyone’s responsibility.

3 children holding a banner that reads: Remember we are the future. And Costarican institute of turism Code of conduct logo that reads: Costa Rica Protecting them from commercial sexual explotaition in travel and tourism.


We protect forests

No to the timber trade in protected areas !
A movement to protect our resources and ensure well-being for generations to come . That is why we collaborate with Sonati Costa Rica association for environmental protection .

A tracktor holding cutted tree while a guy guide it to a trailer holding other 6 cutted trees!


January 2019 Garbage collection in Rio Frio, Caño Negro

We work every day in protecting our natural , cultural and economic resources !


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