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La Fortuna Best Hot Springs

Best Volcanic hot springs in la Fortuna

La Fortuna in San Carlos became a famous destination during the 1990s, when the Arenal Volcano, located right next to the town, maintained strong and constant volcanic activity, with eruptions almost every day. This spectacle undoubtedly brought the eyes and attention of visitors from all over the world who wanted to see the spectacle of fire and lava, which was particularly striking at night, when you could see orange and red lava and large volcanic rocks shooting out hundreds of meters into the air and then covering up to half of the perfect cone of the volcano in an incandescent blanket.

Cessation of activity and transfer to volcanic hot springs

For several years now, the volcano has stopped being so active, but it is still active, which means that it has gas and steam emanations, and occasionally there are rumblings coming from occasional eruptions not visible to the human eye. Nevertheless, the area shows clear activity, due to the fact that dozens of water sources and volcanic hot springs, very rich in minerals and reaching incredible temperatures, emanate from the cone.

Most of the waters are subsequently channeled into sites offering volcanic hot springs, captured in pools of various shapes. These facilities have become one of the main attractions in La Fortuna, due to the fame of hot spring waters for their medicinal, relaxing, healing and therapeutic features.

Most of the volcanic hot springs facilities offer entrance to the public, changing rooms and baths, food and beverage service and in most cases, additional services such as massages, beauty treatments using mud and organic material among others.

Here are some of the most beautiful volcanic hot springs in La Fortuna


Tabacón is undoubtedly the best known thermal water facility. It was also the first one, since since the 80s it already had thermal water collection in only one pool which had only one slide. Today, its dozens of hot spring pools, impeccable facilities with gardens, spa, trails and glamorous restaurant as well as spa and massage center have turned it into an almost mandatory destination for thousands of tourists visiting the area.

Eco Termales

Ecotermales is a fantastic facility located in a quiet place in La Fortuna. Ecotermales emphasizes nature, tranquility and an environment full of plants and trees. One of the special attractions of Ecotermales is that they maintain their policy of not exceeding the number of visitors, to maintain the quality of the relaxation and health experience. It has beautiful pools that fit perfectly into the environment of the place, full of tropical gardens and jungle. It has changing rooms, spa service, restaurant and bar and private parking.


Baldi is located a few miles from downtown La Fortuna. Unlike Tabacón and Ecotermales, Baldi emphasizes taking full advantage of the volcanic hot springs in various attractions. The number of pools as well as their diversity in shape, water temperature and facilities distinguish it from the other hot springs. There are pools of different temperatures, constructions in cement imitating rock, with caverns and artificial caves, waterfalls from the most fantastic sites and imitations of natural saunas. At Baldo, extrovert, lights, music and food and beverage options abound. It is a favorite spot for young people and families with children, since it has slides and facilities that resemble an amusement park. It has restaurants, bars, changing rooms and bathrooms, private parking as well as spa and massage services.

Other Volcanic Hot Springs in La Fortuna

Additionally, there are more health centers, spas and volcanic hot springs. Some that are worth mentioning are Paradise Hot Springs, Termalitas and even El Chollin, which is a free river, of free entrance located very close to Tabacón, where people can access to take a bath in the river, which flows freely in the jungle and offers the experience of thermal waters in its natural and virgin state.

In Canoa Aventura, you can reserve the different volcanic hot springs, either independently or included in a tour, such as the hike to the Arenal Volcano combined with the entrance to the hot springs.