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Transportation to La Fortuna Costa Rica
One of the most important questions frequently asked by tourists visiting La Fortuna is transportation. How to get around La Fortuna? Is it better to rent a car to visit La Fortuna? Is it better to hire a private transportation service to La Fortuna? Can you visit La Fortuna by public bus?
These are just some of the questions frequently asked by visitors who want to travel to La Fortuna or want to find transportation from La Fortuna to another place.
Transportation from San Jose to La Fortuna
From San Jose, there are several forms of transportation. There is the public bus, which is the most economical of all. You can also rent a car in San Jose and drive yourself to La Fortuna. This is a smart way to travel, because of the freedom you receive, but it is also a more expensive form of transportation.
Additionally, there are semi-private transportation options, which consists of a regular service in air-conditioned minivans, in which only tourists traveling casually to the same destination travel, sharing the operating costs. This option is quite good, since you receive a good service and it is also more economical than renting a car.
The last transportation option is private transportation. This option is undoubtedly ideal, especially if you are traveling with 4 or more people, in which case you share the price of the transfer per person, while receiving quality service in an air-conditioned minivan with a chauffeur who does the tour. This option provides both the freedom to go at the pace you want, make strategic stops as desired and also at the same time you get enough rest and possibility to appreciate the scenery, as you do not have to concentrate on driving.

Other important transportation routes are:

Transportation from La Fortuna to Monteverde.
Monteverde is usually the number 3 destination in chronological order, in the classic circuits of many tourists. Tortuguero is usually visited first, then La Fortuna, and as destination 3 Monteverde.
This beautiful place of cloud forests is located high in the Cordillera de Tilaran.
There is a very interesting and even adventurous transfer service called Jeep Boat Jeep, which includes a boat transfer first across Lake Arenal, near La Fortuna. Afterwards you continue with a Jeep or Minivan to Monteverde.
If this transfer is not desired, there is also the normal private transportation service, which departs from La Fortuna at the time of your choice, driving through beautiful scenery along the way until you arrive in Monteverde about three hours later.
Clearly those who have a rental car can easily make the trip by following a route map, or by using Google Maps or Waze.
Transportation from Tortuguero to La Fortuna
From Tortuguero, or rather from the Pavona Pier to La Fortuna is another very popular and important route, as many people combine Tortuguero first and then visit La Fortuna as destination number 2.
The ideal transfer from La Pavona to La Fortuna, assuming you do not have a rental car, is undoubtedly the private minivan service. This trip takes approximately 3 hours, departing from La Pavona and arriving in La Fortuna.

Transportation from the South Caribbean to La Fortuna
In the case of the South Caribbean (Puerto Viejo and Cahuita) to La Fortuna, there are several forms of transportation.
The rental car, which is obviously an ideal form of transportation if you wish to drive.
Additionally, there is a shuttle or shared mini van service, which leaves at specific times from Cahuita and Puerto Viejo to La Fortuna.
The third option, and which is ideal in case you do not want to drive but at the same time have the best quality of service (you decide the time of departure) is the private transportation in minivan.

Transportation from La Fortuna to Boca Tapada
In the case of Boca Tapada, in case you do not have a rental car, there are several ways of transportation.
The Shuttle service, which leaves every day with a minimum of 2 people and which provides both the trip from La Fortuna to Boca Tapada and from Boca Tapada to La Fortuna.
Additionally, there is the option of the private transfer, which is a private transportation service in an air-conditioned minivan that can leave at any time you wish.

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