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Birdwatching in La Fortuna Costa Rica

Birdwatching in La Fortuna Costa Rica

For bird lovers, La Fortuna is a fascinating place. While it is true that La Fortuna is located in the plains of San Carlos, in the hot lowlands influenced by the Caribbean, it is also surrounded by rainforest-covered mountains that descend from the cloud forests of Monteverde.

This dramatic topography makes the abundance of species extremely high, combining sightings from diverse climatic zones, habitats and microclimates, resulting in a festival for birdwatchers.

Bird watching tours in La Fortuna

There are several eco-regions in the vicinity of La Fortuna, although if the hotel where you are staying is immersed in tropical nature, it is very likely that from the hotel itself you can see species of hummingbirds, toucans, parrots, different species of tanagers, honeycreepers and even ground birds, such as chickadees, guans and chachalacas.

However, the deeper you go into the virgin nature of the northern plains, especially in jungle areas, or exploring rivers, wetlands and lagoons, the more likely you are to see bird species.

Peñas Blancas Safari

This exciting kayak tour is one of the most popular tours we offer, and gives the client the opportunity to travel along a jungle river surrounded by tropical rainforest with large jungle trees, which are home to many species of birds, especially in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Additionally, it is an ideal tour to see other species of fauna, such as sloths, reptiles like snakes and iguanas, basilisks and river turtles among other species.

Birding tour in Caño Negro

The Caño Negro Refuge and its extensive wetlands, which are almost completely flooded during the rainy season, is one of the most important places to see birds in Costa Rica. Although it is not close to La Fortuna, the refuge can be reached in 90 minutes. Once there, it can be explored in several ways, from canoe tours, silent motor boat tours or the classic boat tour (Pantoon).

El Burrito Hike

The El Burrito hike is a hike that takes you to the top of a relatively high mountain, which is located to the east of Cerro Chato. Because there is a difference in altitude between the lower part and the summit, and therefore the weather is changeable, the number of birds is equally varied and interesting. In addition to that, you travel through diverse habitats and ecosystems, from forests, charrales to grasslands and open fields, which makes birding easier while being able to see species from the different habitats.